Which languages do we translate?

Do you want to translate texts from English, German and French into Dutch (sworn)? We are ready for you. We also have a lot of experience with translations from Dutch to English and with short certified translations into German. For longer texts from Dutch to German and for translations from Norwegian, Polish and Russian, we would like to refer you to competent fellow translators.

Our specialties as a sworn translator

Even though we do our utmost to constantly improve our language skills, we, as a sworn translator, have our specialization and preference. We are familiar with the humanities, and have experience with informative economic, legal and official texts. We also control the current medical terminology through further training. We prefer to leave exact sciences and technological subjects to other specialists.

Our core tasks consist of translating and revising texts in various domains such as civil status documents and certificates, social security, all kinds of contracts and tax certificates, diplomas and certificates, website texts, legal documents (statutes, registrations in the trade register, judgments, …) in the different language combinations of Dutch, English and German.


Revisions: perfect use of language on a professional level

If you want a text or translation that is in perfect linguistic order, we are happy to help you with that. We check the text for word choice, grammar and sentence structure and ensure that all disturbing spelling errors are removed.


Editing and copywriting: writing and rewriting texts in a targeted way

Have you written a text yourself or do you need one? Of course you want to be sure that it is stylistically arranged, structurally on the point and that the message comes across exactly as you intended it. This goes much further than spelling and grammar.
Structure, style and choice of words must fit seamlessly with the written medium that you use.
That is why you can rely on our services when writing, correcting or adjusting your brochures, press releases, newsletters and other commercially important texts. We are also happy to help you make your website linguistically attractive and efficient in communication.

Do you want to have a text translated, revised, or (re) written and a free quote for this? Then contact us via our contact page. We will reply as soon as possible.

Traducteur Juré Belge
Belgische Beëdigde Vertaler
Belgian Sworn Translator

Lingua Germanica

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